Rolls Gallup


  • Agadir Lux leather upper and lining
  • Ultralight polyether sole
  • Slip-lasting artisanal manufacturing
  • 100% Italian materials

Classic men's loafers are simple, yet they are never mundane. That is why we have chosen to reinterpret them using ultralight, highly flexible materials.

RG Classic men's loafer shoes enhance the elegance of real leather by adding a metal detail that lights up the shoes while keeping a low-key profile. The wide fit embraces subtlety and invites you to flaunt formal outfits without compromising on comfort.

This product has been made using the exclusive slip-lasting method (Lavorazione California) and it is certified by V.O.I. - Vera Origine Italiana.

  • Black
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Certificazioni & info
  • Exclusive Italian design
  • 100% Italian manufacturing
  • All materials used are of Italian origin
  • Completely Italian product
Rolls Gallup

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