The acronym V.O.I. stands for “Vera Origine Italiana” (True Italian Origin).
This label is exclusively reserved to handcrafted "Made in Italy" shoes
produced using only 100% Italian materials,
from soles to packaging.

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By exploring V.O.I. Store you will find casual and elegant men's shoes made in Le Marche by skilled and experienced craftsmen using the amazing Lavorazione California, a nearly extinct slip lasting method which ensures an unparalleled comfort.

V.O.I.: the four pillars behind Vera Origine Italiana

Here is what you will find in V.O.I. Store:

  • handcrafted elegant or casual men's shoes
  • direct sale from producer to consumer
  • dedicated Customer Service
  • online men's shoes at your fingertips

The perks of a traditional shop, the customer focus you would find in a boutique, and the convenience of an e-commerce: fall in love with V.O.I. Store.

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