The acronym V.O.I.
stands for
“Vera Origine Italiana” (True Italian Origin).
Effectively ensuring Italian origin and manufacturing,
V.O.I. goes beyond customary Made in Italy.

VOI – Vera Origine Italiana presents itself as a reference point for consumers all around the world, ensuring the value of authentic Italian products by affixing an unmistakable trademark.

All the manufacturing processes behind these products are carried out in Italy by local craftsmen using exclusively Italian materials, with no exception or gimmick.

VOI Store is constantly evolving in order to welcome all those companies that boldly decided to take a path which has no shortcuts, and demands dedication and talent.Essentially, VOI is a guide to discover the passion, the excellence, the tradition, and the hidden treasures of authentic Italian manufacturing.

V.O.I.: the four pillars of Vera Origine Italiana

Vera Origine Italiana

certifies that all materials used were sourced from Italian territory and have been subjected to a careful quality control, and ensures that each product has been thoughtfully designed and manufactured through a sustainable supply chain.

VOI focuses on the identifying marks of authentic Italian production throughout the entire manufacturing process, from the first creative insights to retail, giving rise to transparency and constant verifiability.